The Ultimate Frontier Channel Bonding Setup

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[GUIDE] Bonding Multiple Frontier Internet ConnectionsHere we go again, Internet issues with Frontier.  Videos taking forever to load, stopping and buffering forever when you just haven’t the patience. Giving up on games because of lag. The Internet just hangs up on you and disconnects with no rhyme or reason. You aren’t alone and there is a fix. So definitely contact your … Read More

The Ultimate Cox Channel Bonding Guide

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[SOLVED] Bonding Multiple Cox Internet ConnectionsWorking from home on your Cox Internet you realized how often you are having connection issues. It wasn’t such a big deal on the occasional work from home day here and there, but these days it’s really starting to be an issue. How can this be dealt with quickly? Naturally, the first impulse is to contact … Read More

Ultimate Spectrum Channel Bonding Guide

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[SOLVED] Bonding Multiple Spectrum Internet ConnectionsHaving Internet issues from Spectrum (Charter Spectrum) – it happens to everyone. Your stream is buffering and freezing. Try to play a game, it lags, gets disconnected – always at the worst time possible .  That Internet connection just keeps disconnecting randomly. You can reach out to Spectrum, and you definitely should – you are paying for services … Read More

Need Bonded Internet for Events? Here’s Your Best Choice

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Fast Internet at Events is Paramount When you’re holding a corporate event, you need a lot of things. High speed internet is just one of them. Whether you want to give a presentation or email a document to all the participants, you need internet that doesn’t let you down. If your internet is slow or disconnects randomly, it will have … Read More

Hybrid Access Software for Your Laptop: Fast, Stable and Secure Internet

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Speedify Hybrid Access Software App Running Directly on Your Device Hybrid access is a technique for offloading data originally intended for transport across cellular networks onto broadband networks whenever possible. This would free up expensive mobile bandwidth for other customers and allows carriers to take better advantage of existing wired telecom infrastructure. The setup for hybrid access usually includes dedicated … Read More

Bonding vs Load Balancing Explained: Brief Guide

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Channel Bonding vs Load Balancing: How Are They Different and How Do I Choose between Them? Among the technical jargon you encounter when looking for ways to get better Internet, you have probably stumbled upon these two terms: ‘channel bonding’ (also known as ‘broadband bonding’ or ‘link bonding’) and ‘load balancing’ (often referred to as ‘link balancing’). These techniques both … Read More