Hybrid Access Broadband Networking Solutions

Hybrid Access Improves Quality of Service and Reduces Costs for Network Operators As markets, customers, and smartphones continue to multiply, Network Operators and MVNOs are facing critical bandwidth issues. In the face of soaring costs and overloaded cellular networks, Carriers have been working for years to develop hybrid access technologies to offload this increased traffic to broadband or DSL and … Read More

The Solution to Slow Broadband in Rural Ireland

Slow Internet: Bane of the IrishWe came across an article in the Independent Ireland Business section about award-winning blogger, Angela Gallagher, and her issues with broadband in rural Ireland. The issues started when her daughter and grandchildren moved to Australia and in an effort to keep in touch with them, her son set her up with a WordPress blog and … Read More

Speedify Can Help Fix Slow Internet in Rural America

Speedify Can Help Fix Slow Internet in Rural America For us city dwellers, we tend to take high-speed Internet for granted. As people who are always on-the-go, having Internet access is probably one of the most important aspects of our lives, from the ability to communicate to getting an assignment done. But what about the folks in rural areas? Many … Read More

Broadband in Maine – Most Rural State in the US

Maine is the most rural state in the US where almost 60% of the population live in rural areas. Most Internet service providers are hesitant to serve the populations in rural areas because the per-household costs of providing such connections are much greater in rural areas than in urban or suburban areas, not to mention the costs of getting maintenance … Read More

Broadband in Rural Alaska is Behind the Times

Nearly 81% of residents in rural Alaska lack access to modern broadband servicesThe Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in the US, Districts of Columbia, and other US territories. Every year they set new benchmarks for how fast Internet speeds should be, usually increasing by 25 Mbps per year. But there … Read More

Slow Broadband in Rural Indiana

Most Indiana residents (also known as Hoosiers) have access to some kind of Internet, but the question is how fast are the Internet speeds? In 2015, the FCC said that the benchmark for high speed Internet was 25 Mbps  (it used to be 4 Mbps). Based on this new definition, that means 44% of rural Hoosiers don’t actually have access … Read More