Essential Connectivity App for Your Live Broadcasting Backpack

How to Get Stable and Fast Internet with Your Live Broadcasting Backpack If you’re live broadcasting from different locations, you know that the most important thing is to find a reliable Internet connection to serve you while live streaming. Even if you’re streaming IRL on Twitch or other platforms and you only use your smartphone, you still need that. Remember … Read More

Live Broadcast Journalism: Guide to a Reliable Connection

Stable Internet Connection is Critical to Live Broadcast Journalism Nowadays it’s not only journalists doing live shots from the field. Virtually anybody that has a smartphone with a reliable Internet connection can be a live reporter by broadcasting it on Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube and other live social media platforms. However, it’s often times on the go reporters encounter issues … Read More

Solved: Twitch Streaming Disconnecting When Broadcasting or Watching

My Twitch Stream Keeps Disconnecting; How to Fix is the market leader of live streaming video platform focused on video gaming, eSports competitions and creative content. Hundreds of millions of people watch every day the most exciting gaming broadcasts and given its nature, Twitch is hungry for bandwidth and reliability from the users’ Internet connection, especially if you’re streaming … Read More