How to Solve Starbucks WiFi Landing Page Not Loading Issues Easily

Sometimes, Public Wi-Fi Connection is Not Always the BestPicture it, it was 2010 and just announced that Starbucks would offer free Wi-Fi to all US Stores. You remember this, wasn’t that just yesterday? Fast forward, we are moving onto another decade and Starbucks Wi-Fi is still a pivotal part of most of our days, not just giving us a great … Read More

Are You Having Issues Connecting to a Captive Portal Router? Look No Further! Here’s the Easiest Fix for That!

What Is A Captive Portal and Why Do You Need to Agree to Its Terms To Get ConnectedIn layman’s terms, a captive portal is a page you get at the coffeehouse, airport, hotel, etc. You have to get permission at before connecting to their Wi-Fi network. Most businesses have these since it gives them better security and a way to … Read More