[VIDEO] How to Live Stream Chess on Twitch Successfully

Chess Is Now an Online GameTraditionally, chess has been played face to face. Outside of the actual game, there’s a little bit of non-verbal “game” between the opponents as well. Many friendships have been established like that. But now chess.com and other similar platforms rule the online chess space. And it’s not only playing, but also live streaming your games. … Read More

How to Stream Chess on Twitch and Avoid Connection Issues

Live Streaming Chess on Twitch Is the New TrendAre you a fan of chess, either watching or playing it? We’ve got some good news for you, if you haven’t heard it already. Starting 2020, Chess has been blowing up on Twitch, being promoted by stars like Hikaru Nakamura and by the Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit miniseries. In mid February 2021, … Read More

How to Fix Lichess Connection Problems – Get Better Internet

“Reconnecting” Often on Lichess? Avoid Connection Problems in the First PlaceOne of the classic games, chess has been around for almost 1500 years now. It evolved during the years, but most of the time it was still that game where players would face each other at the same table. During the 20th century, people also started playing the so called correspondence chess by … Read More

Indian Chess Team Won Because of Connectivity Using Speedify

In the Next Normal, Connectivity Is the KeyAs if there weren’t enough complaints related to Internet connectivity around the world, the 2020 pandemic amplified those and made everyone aware of the current limitations. At least for the short term, social distancing will continue to be the status quo. We have to improve our remote productivity – while at work, while … Read More