How to Avoid Issues when Live Video Streaming for Business

Live Video Streaming for Business Needs Fast and Stable Internet ConnectivityLive video streaming is key to businesses today for staying in touch and keeping your customers involved.¬† If your internet connection is bad, that stream is going to be rough and not flow continually. It can get stuck, your clients can lose their interest and in the end, you can … Read More

Connectify Wins RemoteTech Breakthrough Award with Speedify

Speedify Wins the Overall Video Conferencing Solution of the Year Award2020 is definitely the year when the remote work paradigm gained in popularity. In this next normal, the pandemic forced companies to adapt and equip their employees with hardware and software tools to work remotely. The mission of the Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the … Read More

How to Fix Streaming Issues (Streamergencies)

Proven Tip to Stop Video Streaming Issues Streaming issues, streamergencies (streaming emergencies) – who hasn’t experienced those so far? An Internet connection that is fast and stable is the foundation for good hassle-free streaming: when broadcasting on¬†Twitch,¬†Facebook Live¬†or¬†YouTube for video conferences on¬†Zoom,¬†Google Meet,¬†Microsoft Teams,¬†Skype¬†Google Classroom, etc. for watching your favorite movies, TV shows and clips on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube,¬†Twitch, etc. … Read More

How to Avoid and Fix Common Video Conferencing Issues

Common Video Conferencing ProblemsFast and stable Internet connectivity is essential to avoid video conferencing issues. When your¬†connection is sub-par, the symptoms of streaming issues range from lower video quality to¬†buffering¬†and even disconnects. When you’re having video conferencing problems, you find yourself in a streamergency (streaming emergency). Streamergencies can happen anytime you’re streaming video: when being part of video conferences on¬†Zoom,¬†Google … Read More

How to Deal with Zoom Streaming Emergency Problems

Fix Any Zoom Streamergency Before It Comes UpOne of the¬†most popular video conferencing software, Zoom, brings people together from remote work to remote learning and just virtual happy hours. It is a light and easy way to set up video calls over the Internet. But unfortunately Zoom issues like streaming emergencies are just waiting to happen… The quality of the … Read More

How To Improve and Fix Your Zoom Calls Today

What Is All the Buzz With Zoom?All ages around the globe are using Zoom these days. There isn’t anyone that hasn’t been invited to a Zoom party for a birthday or a wedding. Remote work has us in home conference rooms meeting for office and sales meetings. Now that school has resumed after summer recesses, Zoom classes for all aged students … Read More