Best Pi Hole Alternative: Bonded Internet with Ad Blocking DNS

Network Wide Ad Blocking at Its Best with Channel Bonding CapabilitiesIf I had 3 internet related wishes, I would ask for speed, online privacy and no ads. How annoying is it to look for something on the internet and see hundreds of ads popping up all over a website?  What if I told you that you can: speed up your … Read More

VPN Custom DNS: Get More Security & Speed from Your VPN

Online Privacy Protection = Encryption + DNS Leak ProtectionWith Speedify, you can set a custom DNS server to use with your VPN connection. This is an important feature every VPN should have – keep reading to find out why. A VPN protects your online privacy by encrypting all your Internet traffic. That’s the theory of it, at least. In real life, … Read More

How to Fix DNS Leak: Test, Find and Get the Best VPN

DNS Leaks: Stop Exposing Your Online Data Are you using a VPN service to protect your online privacy? Are completely certain that it fully lives up to the promise? Being completely anonymous online is not easy. Using DNS leaks, your ISP or any other device can eavesdrop on your traffic. They are able to see the Internet requests made by you. … Read More

Test DNS Leak: Is Your VPN Service Exposing You on the Internet?

DNS Leak Tests Help You Know and Act to Protect Your Anonymity Online So you’re using a VPN service and are completely certain that it fully protects your online privacy. Would you bet your life on that? Have you heard of something called DNS leak? This means that your ISP or any other device that’s eavesdropping on your traffic can … Read More