Live Streaming Equipment for Church – Hardware and Software

Expanding the Reach of Your Church with Live StreamingLive streaming church services has been a practice for some years now. However, it was accelerated starting 2020, due to the sanitary restrictions in place worldwide. Churches and houses of worship in general found a way to expand their reach and get to their people through live streaming. The following elements are … Read More

How to Live Stream IRL from Anywhere

Takeaways on IRL Live Streaming from Dracula’s CastleHalloween season is one of the most popular times of the year when people live stream IRL. That’s because everybody is looking for spooky things to highlight for their audience. And since we like to eat our own dog food for the Speedify Live show, we decided to have a couple of Halloween … Read More

How to Stream IRL – Part 1: What Gear You Need

What You Need for IRL Live StreamingTo answer the question above: all you basically need is a smartphone for IRL streaming. But then, the video quality will not be as high as if you would be using a dedicated video camera. Plus – have you considered what happens when the Internet doesn’t work? Remember those choppy videos, buffering screens or … Read More

IRL Streaming Gear Alternative to LiveU Solo and Gunrun

Use a Raspberry Pi with Speedify Channel Bonding TechnologyIf you came to this page, it means that you’re ether already doing IRL live streaming, or you’re thinking of starting. And you’re right – it’s a lot of fun, but it can be expensive to get the equipment necessary to keep a stable HD stream going while you’re out and about. … Read More

SOLVED: What’s the Best IRL Streaming Equipment?

IRL Live Streaming Gear – Essential EquipmentIRL live streaming is hot and trending. Just check out Twitch and see for yourself. In its most simple setup, all that you need is a smartphone and the streaming app. However, that might not offer the best quality for your viewers. When you’re live streaming in real life from different locations, having a … Read More

The Ultimate Streaming Setup for Content Creators and Remote Workers

Internet Connectivity – Key Element for Any Live Streaming SetupWhether you’re new at this or you’ve been live streaming for some time, you realize that the Internet quality makes and breaks your stream. Literally, if you have poor Internet connectivity, your live stream will look choppy, with stuttering and, finally, it’ll start buffering. That doesn’t look very professional, does it? … Read More