How to Fix XSplit Dropping Frames and Stream Hassle-Free

Your Internet Connection Dictates the Quality of your StreamsStreaming requires an enormous amount of internet bandwidth. In fact, YouTube Live recommends 2,250 to 6,000 Kbps. That’s a 6.2 Mbps upload speed for Twitch, and 7.4 Mbps for YouTube Live if you want to stream 720p video at 60 frames per second. Keep in mind, these are just the highest optimal … Read More

How to Fix Skype if it’s Not Working

Is Skype Not Working for You?Skype allows the world to communicate. Millions of people rely on Skype to make video and voice calls and send messages. It is exceptionally needed as we’re facing a common enemy, COVID19. It’s a great app, when it works, but when your calls drop or video freezes, what then? Skype is so popular that it’s … Read More

How to Fix Spectrum Internet Streaming Issues

Internet has been a Lot Worse than Ever!According to data from August 2020, Spectrum Internet has hit a record number of subscribers this year! Spectrum added 30% of customers stemming from promotions and discounts related to Covid-19. With more people working from home, schooling from home – a good internet is more important than ever. According to the Federal Communications … Read More

Zoom Dropping Calls and Other Issues [SOLVED]

Tired of Zoom Dropping Calls, Disconnecting, or Lagging? Zoom is a popular way to stay in touch with business associates and coworkers. This is more true today than ever before.  It has grown exponentially in the past couple of months and it keeps growing. Like most internet tools used for communication, this app uses a lot of bandwidth.  Sometimes it gets … Read More

Instagram Can’t Refresh the Feed [Solved]

Instagram “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” [FIX]Instagram is definitely a favorite app for shearing photos, videos and now even video chat with your friends and family. But how annoying is the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error message? You instantly feel like you are missing out. Don’t worry, it’s not you – it’s your connection and it’s an easy fix! Spoiler alert: All you need to do is … Read More

Snapchat Not Loading Snaps? Fix it With Speedify.

Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps or Stories? Could be a Connetion Issue.A wonderful way to share interesting moments from your life – Snapchat. However, Snapchat seems to run slow and snaps aren’t loading sometimes. The problem most likely isn’t with Snapchat, the problem may actually be your phone’s Internet connection.  We know that today it’s very important to stay connected to your … Read More