Iran Internet Stats – Helping the People Get Better Connectivity

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Iran Internet Connectivity Stats – Speedify UsageNovember 28, 2022 – Over 400 thousand users in Iran are relying on Speedify to help them experience better Internet and access the services they want. Please help spread the word and also – follow us (@speedify) on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more updates! We will continue supporting the people of Iran even … Read More

How It’s Done: Internet Censorship Brief Guide from A to Z

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How Governments and Authorities Restrict Access to the InternetThe number of Internet censorship cases has increased throughout the world since 2010 onwards, especially beginning with the Arab Spring uprisings of early 2011. And according to the latest Freedom on the Net 2020 report from Freedom House, the COVID-19 pandemic was another catalyst for this, fueling digital repression in 2020: “Global … Read More