Google Hangouts Dropping Calls? Fix Connection Issues Fast

Tired of Google Hangouts dropping calls, disconnecting, or lagging? Google Hangouts is a great way to get in touch with your friends and business partners, as it’s very versatile. However, as with any other Internet-based tool that is hungry for bandwidth, Hangouts occasionally slows down to a crawl or loses connection entirely. This might be OK when you’re just catching … Read More

How to Fix Slow Google Hangouts Connections, Reduce Lag, and Improve Video

Is Google Hangouts slow when sending or receiving messages? Ever try to send a message to a Google Hangout, only to have it take several minutes just to send? Have you ever sent a picture to a Google Hangout and been frustrated to see that once the picture was finally uploaded, it was just an unrecognizable blob of pixels? If … Read More

Stay Connected on Google Hangouts

How to Speed Up the Conversation Today, video conferencing and instant messaging apps like Google Hangouts have become a lifeline for many people to stay in touch across the globe. For many users with Google Hangouts installed on their iOS or Android device, instant messaging, group chat, and video conferencing has come to replace email and text message as a … Read More