What’s the Best Way to Get Internet While Traveling?

Internet Access when Traveling: How to Get Online on the Go Are you traveling on your vacation or just commuting to work? Whenever you’re not at home, you have to rely on any Internet connection you can get a hold of. This mainly includes public Wi-Fi hotspots or a mobile data connection. Or both of them. Sometimes it’s crucial you … Read More

Solved: Slow Hotel Internet Speeds – How to Fix

Tips and Tricks on Fixing Slow Hotel InternetMost of us need a reliable Internet connection to function. When you check into a hotel and find out the Internet moves at a crawl, it can drive you crazy. It makes it harder to work, harder to stream your movies and music, and harder to share all your killer trip pictures with … Read More

Faster Internet Speeds While Staying in Hotels

Don’t let slow hotel Wi-Fi sour your tripGoing on vacation or traveling for work? It’s comforting to know that in this day and age, almost everywhere we go gives us access to Wi-Fi. Recently we came across a website that can help people find the hotels that have the best Wi-Fi ratings in the city that they’re going to. Hotel … Read More