How to Shield Yourself on Public Hotspots

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Open WIFI Hotspot are Dangerous! Public and Open WIFI Hotspot connections are the thing of today where you can get connected to the internet anywhere. From airports, coffee shops, restaurants, and basically all establishments have one. However, since it’s a free-to-access internet connection then there can be some security risk that you may want to consider before connecting to it. … Read More

[Guide] How to Connect to Public WiFi and Be Safe

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Safer and Faster Internet With One App Using your laptop or smartphone outside of your home or office? Then you are probably connecting to one of many public WiFi hotspots available around the world. They are quite convenient, but you should seriously think about public WiFi security and your online privacy. As you know, while you’re connected, your smartphone is syncing your social media accounts, … Read More

How to Fix Hotspot Shield Hanging or Disconnecting

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How Do I Troubleshoot Hotspot Shield Connection Issues A VPN is a piece of technology that is complex and needs great attention. Like many other software apps, Hotspot Shield VPN can also experience issues regarding its stability. On this article, we will show you some solutions to common issues with Hotspot Shield hanging or being frozen. THIS POST BROUGHT TO YOU BY … Read More

[SOLVED] My Hotspot Is Not Working – How to Go Online

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Wi-Fi Hotspot Doesn’t Work? Here’s How to Access the Internet Nowadays, you’re not stuck anymore with your Ethernet cable and bound by its length. You can use the internet while being mobile at the same time via Wi-Fi hotspots. You can connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots or you can create your own personal hotspot on your phone. But sometimes you find … Read More