How to Improve My Internet Connection – Here Are 5 Tips

How to Boost Your Internet ConnectionAre you using a Wi-Fi connection that is slow and unreliable? Or are you actually connected to your router directly through an Ethernet cable and you’re still seeing slow Internet? Do you get similar results when you’re connecting from another location or using cellular data? Slow and unreliable Internet is something you don’t have to … Read More

How to Fix Twitch Connection Error

Faster HD Streaming with Speedify

Don’t let Unstable Connections Ruin Your StreamEver been livestreaming and out of nowhere “Twitch Connection Error”  Maybe it is the Twitch server, or not. Check your internet connection because that could be causing the issue. If you’re a professional, you want to keep your followers happy with a consistent streaming schedule. There is no room for an unexpected Twitch connection … Read More