How to Combine 10 Cellular Internet Connections Over the Air

Wireless Cellular Bonding on Your iPhoneThe more Internet connections you can use, the better your connectivity is in terms of speed and reliability. And what’s the only connection type that can serve you anywhere you go? That’s right – cellular data. We made this video a few years ago, where we demonstrated how to combine ten connections on a laptop … Read More

Pair & Share Your Internet Connectivity

Introducing the New Speedify with Pair & ShareSpeedify is the only app that lets you combine any number of Internet connections for better performance. And now it’s even better: it empowers all users to get better Internet connectivity anywhere by using the power of the community. The new feature, called Pair & Share, allows users to easily share Cellular connections … Read More

Unreliable Starlink Internet? Here are 3 Proven Fixes

In This ArticleSet Starlink CorrectlyCheck the RouterUse a Failover ConnectionStarlink Troubleshooting Checklist in 10 Minutes or LessAre you having issues with Starlink not working? Do you feel like you need to troubleshoot your Starlink Internet connection so you finally get the speed and reliability you expect from it? We recently installed a Starlink for RV on top of our office … Read More

NEW: SpeedifyLabs on YouTube and Twitch Broadcasts the Starlink 24/7 Live Stream

Live Streaming 24/7 with Starlink InternetOur non-stop Starlink powered live stream has a new home: our new YouTube and Twitch channels SpeedifyLabs. We decided to give it its own home, as we’ve seen many of you tuning in and out to check it out and we want to be able to run two live streams in parallel and not have … Read More

April Office Hours Takeaways: Speedify Makes Starlink Work Better

Speedify 13.2 is Here – Are You Using the Latest Version?In April we launched Speedify 13.2, which brings an important update to the Bypass capabilities, expanding the available options to around 70 sites and services. The new version improves even more the performance of our app when it comes to Starlink Internet, among the usual bug fixes and general improvements. … Read More

User Stories: How to Make Starlink Internet More Reliable

Testing Speedify with Starlink Internet for Failover and ReliabilityJoseph Cristina is a Starlink user and content creator on YouTube. He has a lot of Starlink dedicated videos on his channel and has been testing a lot of Starlink Internet related hardware and services. He has been confronted with Internet issues first hand and that’s why he has been searching for … Read More