How to Get Online Without the Need to Bypass Captive Portal

Do You Really Need to Bypass Captive Portal?Remember those splash pages you get when connecting to a Wi-Fi network from the airport or your favorite cafe? Those are captive portals. They allow network administrators to block Internet access for users until they complete a defined process. You are usually required to accept some Terms and Conditions or log in before … Read More

Internet Blocked by Captive Portal? See How to Fix the Issue

What Is a WiFi Captive Portal?A captive portal is a web page that is displayed to newly connected users of a WiFi network. It requires some sort of interaction before granting access to network resources. In other words – if you want to connect to a network that runs that, you need to go through a captive portal first. Captive … Read More

How to Fix VMware VPN Connection Issues

See How to Solve VMware VPN Connectivity Problems VMware is one of the most important companies in the virtualization and cloud infrastructure field. Their solutions are used by more than 500,000 business customers worldwide. And they’re great as long as they’re working properly. But, sometimes, VMware users will see connection issues when using a VPN to secure their access. The … Read More