Here’s What Upload Speed You Need to Live Stream

What Is a Good Upload Speed for Live Streaming?A good Internet connection is crucial when you’re live streaming on  platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook etc. Even if you have the best content to share out there, if your audience starts seeing low quality, stuttering video, it’s least likely they will follow / subscribe to your streams. And there’s also … Read More

How to Stream Chess on Twitch and Avoid Connection Issues

Live Streaming Chess on Twitch Is the New TrendAre you a fan of chess, either watching or playing it? We’ve got some good news for you, if you haven’t heard it already. Starting 2020, Chess has been blowing up on Twitch, being promoted by stars like Hikaru Nakamura and by the Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit miniseries. In mid February 2021, … Read More

A to Z Guide to Combine Connections on Mac Mini and Mac Pro

Use Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Cellular at the Same Time on Mac Mini / ProJust to clarify: we’re not talking about switching between connections – Wi-Fi, Ethernet, cellular dongle, etc. We’re saying you can use all your available connections simultaneously on your Mac Mini or Mac Pro. That’s great news, as your connection will get faster and more stable. Your Mac will be able … Read More

How to Combine Connections on macOS Simultaneously

Use Your Home Internet, Tethered Smartphone and Any Other Connections Together at Once on Your MacHow many connections do you have available on your Mac? Let’s think for a moment: you have your home Internet, which you can connect to via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet you have your cellular connection from your smartphone you may have other USB network dongles … Read More

Solve the Lag Problem Easily with Better Internet

Losing Too Much on Time While Playing on these times, playing chess the classic way – face-to-face – is in many parts of the world a nice-to-have. The most popular type of chess today is the one you play online, real-time, on dedicated websites like This requires being connected to the server while playing the game.  Unfortunately, if you … Read More

Among Us: Disconnected from Server – How to Fix

Get Reliable Internet Connectivity to Avoid Among Us Server IssuesFor those of you that don’t know about Among Us – this indie game has been growing in popularity ever since mid 2020. The pandemic has been cited as a reason for this surge of popularity, as it allowed for socialization despite social distancing. However, more realistic reasons include the low … Read More