Testing Speedify: How We Make Sure It’s Always Connected and Fast

Cristian Miculi Blog, Improve Internet Reliability

If you’re using a VPN service, you’ve probably seen it disconnect when the Internet connection drops. That would be fine, except that when the Internet is restored, most VPNs remain inactive, leaving your private information exposed. Speedify is a next generation fast mobile VPN that uses channel bonding technology to combine multiple connections. So, basically, you’ll never be offline again … Read More

How to Fix Slow Twitch Streams, Reduce Buffering & Eliminate Lag

Ryan Van Dongen Blog, Enjoy Better Streaming, How To

In the (not so) old days of online video game livestreaming, broadcasting your gameplay live meant you had to have a fantastic internet connection. And even with a good connection, choosing a VPN for security often meant losing quality on your streams. Say goodbye to those days, thanks to Speedify. If you’re looking to secure your internet connection, Speedify’s high-speed … Read More

What Causes Packet Loss?

Alex Gizis About Internet Speeds, Blog

Packets are small formatted units of data that you send and receive when accessing the Internet. In layman’s terms, Internet packet loss occurs when one or more of these packets fail to reach their destination on the Internet. For you, this means slow downs, disruptions, or even a total loss of connectivity. Many activities and applications are do not handle … Read More