Remote Learning in RV: Everything You Need to Succeed

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Does Distance Learning Work when Your Home Is an RV?According to the latest trends, yes, it does. Many families make remote learning work in RV environments. Whether it’s teachers or students doing this, one thing is for certain: the Internet connectivity is of outmost importance. In this recent article, WSJ tells the story of the Winters family of 5, who … Read More

How to Improve Your Remote Learning Experience

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Online Learning, Are You Ready for it?The day is here, First Day of School! You have the outfit chosen, fresh supplies are all ready to go, your family chose the work station room for this semester and the Virtual Learning your child will receive. Everything is in place, or is it? The most important part of full or part time … Read More

Distance Learning: Challenges for Students and How to Overcome

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How is Distance Learning Affecting Students?Today’s social distancing lifestyle has made distance learning more popular than before. This type of learning was purely optional before and would usually apply to online courses for post-graduates. Nowadays students of all ages are doing this, whether it’s children in school, young people in universities or full-time employees. Luckily, students are easily adaptable – … Read More

How to Overcome Remote Learning Challenges for Teachers

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The Remote Learning Situation Has Teachers Learning TooRemote learning has a whole new and broader meaning due to social distancing necessary to fight the pandemic. This type of learning was purely optional before and would usually apply to online courses for post-graduates. Nowadays we see children doing this from kindergarten and primary school. Luckily, children are usually easily adaptable – … Read More

The Next Normal Is Approaching – Are You Ready?

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Next Normal remote productivity is the driver and differentiatorCovid-19 effect: businesses have been adapting on the fly to accommodate people to work remotely.It has only been half a year since the COVID-19 ground our world to a halt and this “new normal” was forced upon us. Overnight our homes became the venue for practically every facet of our former lives … Read More