The Mission: Livestream from inside Dracula’s Castle

Here’s the gear and software we’re going to use to explore the ancient castle, live in front of an internet audience.What are we doing? Since it’s Halloween season, what better way to celebrate this than visiting a centuries old vampire’s fortress in the mountains? That’s right – on Thursday, October 28, 2021, starting 11:20 am EDT / 15:20 GMT we’re … Read More

How To Prevent YouTube Live Stream Problems

Internet Connection is a Vital Ingridient for Live StreamingWhether you’re new at this or you’ve been live streaming for some time, you realize that the Internet quality makes and breaks your stream. Literally, if you have poor Internet connectivity, your live stream will look choppy, with stuttering and, finally, it’ll start buffering. That doesn’t look very professional, does it? Unfortunately … Read More

How To Improve and Fix Your Zoom Calls Today

What Is All the Buzz With Zoom?All ages around the globe are using Zoom these days. There isn’t anyone that hasn’t been invited to a Zoom party for a birthday or a wedding. Remote work has us in home conference rooms meeting for office and sales meetings. Now that school has resumed after summer recesses, Zoom classes for all aged students … Read More

How to Fix Zoom Conference Issues

Zoom Keeps Us All ConnectedZoom is a popular way to set up video calls over the Internet. Zoom jumped in popularity since February 2020. People are using it for work and for school now that remote work has grown in use. If Zoom glitches or crashes on us, it disconnects us from our productivity along with those we should have … Read More

How to: Live Stream Your Wedding Ceremony

Cutting Edge Wedding CeremonyA moment like this, some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. Congratulations, you’ve been through all the planning stages for your wedding and are now at the final countdown! Now that the big day is almost here, the venue was booked, bridal party picked, outfits are bought and save the dates were sent out, … Read More

How To Fix Connection Issues with Twitch

Get the Best Internet Connectivity on TwitchAre you a gamer or do you steam a popular gamer? Playing with friends from other parts of the world? Have you been getting paid while playing online? Are you hoping to become a star from your mad gaming skills? Game streaming has many facets to it, and your connection needs to be great … Read More