How to Find and Use Multiple Internet Connections at Once Anywhere

Better Internet, Anywhere & Anytime!With just a single connection Speedify can help improve packet loss and allow you to access region locked content. However, to get the full benefits of Speedify you need access to multiple Internet connections. On mobile this is easy since smartphones have their own built in cellular data connections that can be bonded with Wi-Fi. Things are more complicated with … Read More

How to Communicate Freely with Your Family from Anywhere

Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones at Any Time. Use a VPN for FamiliesWhat are you using to talk to your family? Do you have a group on WhatsApp? Or maybe FaceTime? Regardless of which communication platform you use, you need to make sure your messages reach your loved ones. When traveling or when connecting from networks on campus … Read More

Save Money When Shopping Online: Access Regional Deals with a VPN

How to Buy Safely and Save Money When Shopping Online: Use a VPN Everybody loves offers, deals and discounts when it comes to online shopping. Your favorite online shopping website is constantly running deals and promos to get you to buy more – nothing wrong with that! But did you know that you can usually get the same items at … Read More