Essential Connectivity Tool to Do Remote Work in Maine

Remote Working in Maine – LogisticsThe 2020 pandemic has opened the door for hybrid work models and made remote work popular. Many people headed for the remote countryside, Maine, Bath, Brunswick, etc.  These are all growing and growing in population! Just imagine the scenery, right outside your windows and 4 wonderful seasons to enjoy.  Maine gives its residents beautiful lakes, … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Internet Speed in Maine

Broadband Internet in Maine Ranks Among the Last High speed Internet is no longer a luxury. It is now an essential part of life. Unfortunately, Internet speeds in Maine can vary a lot, even with the same carrier. Stats say the Maine broadband service ranks among the last of the 50 states. Sometimes even if you are paying for high-speed … Read More

Broadband in Maine – Most Rural State in the US

Maine is the most rural state in the US where almost 60% of the population live in rural areas. Most Internet service providers are hesitant to serve the populations in rural areas because the per-household costs of providing such connections are much greater in rural areas than in urban or suburban areas, not to mention the costs of getting maintenance … Read More