How to Connect to McDonald’s Free WiFi While Improving your Online Security and Internet Stability

Always Keep Your Guards Up Especially When You’re Using a Public Internet ConnectionOver 25 million have been served daily by McDonalds. Now figure how many have taken advantage of the Free Wi-Fi they offer. People use to to be in touch with work or school or their personal social media accounts while there. McDonald’s offers this MickD, Mikey Dee’s, no … Read More

How to Access McDonald’s WiFi Login Page When Not Opening

Use a VPN to Stay Safe on McDonald’s Public WiFi and Fix Login Page IssuesI could really go for a cheeseburger right now, but that’s beside the point… Before we go any further there is one very important thing to keep in mind. McDonald’s WiFi, or McWiFi as I like to call it, is a free public WiFi hotspot. As such, it is … Read More

Can’t Connect to McDonalds WiFi with a VPN? Here’s How

How to Connect to McDonald’s WiFi in Full SecurityTell me, did this ever happen to you? You’re at McDonald’s enjoying your Happy Meal (or maybe that’s just me). You open your laptop to get some work done, select the WiFi network, and… nothing happens. Your WiFi icon is showing it’s connected, but when you go to open your browser nothing … Read More