Best Zoom Plugin to Avoid Calls Disconnecting

Zoom Plugin for Internet ConnectivityZoom has extensions and plugins for some of the major productivity apps out there. Basically, you can integrate it with almost anything you’re using in the workplace. But what about a plugin for what makes and breaks a successful Zoom meeting: Internet connectivity? As you know, the Internet is not always as you’d like it to … Read More

How to Avoid Internet Related Virtual Conference Problems

Vir… ents… por… sec… grr… (What Did They Just Say?!)There you are, in the middle of your virtual conference. Just at the moment of your epiphany for the next new better-than-sliced-bread invention you are chopped up like croutons.  Nobody can understand a single thing you say, you see the waving, others are just not even paying attention since they now … Read More

How to Fix Streaming Issues (Streamergencies)

Proven Tip to Stop Video Streaming Issues Streaming issues, streamergencies (streaming emergencies) – who hasn’t experienced those so far? An Internet connection that is fast and stable is the foundation for good hassle-free streaming: when broadcasting on Twitch, Facebook Live or YouTube for video conferences on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype Google Classroom, etc. for watching your favorite movies, TV shows and clips on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, etc. … Read More

How to Live Stream a Conference or an Event

Business Conferencing and Events OnlineIn today’s world, live stream is our go-to for business conferences or virtual gathering. Everyone around the globe can communicate and collaborate in our age of limited physical travel. Are you the event host (or even just an attendee) that wants to share with followers and new interested people? Live streaming a conference is easy, here … Read More

Zoom Happy Hour Disconnecting? Here’s How to Stay in Touch

Why Your Zoom Happy Hour Is UnsatisfyingZoom Meetings has been around for a while, but it literally exploded in terms of active users once people started working from home at a large scale. In the last few months, you have used Zoom both for work and to hang around virtually with your friends and family. And since you like it, … Read More

Zoom Crashed: Troubleshoot Zoom Connection Issues

Troubleshoot Zoom And Prevent It From CrashingZoom crashed, what now? Communication is one of the top reasons we use the Internet. Today’s most downloaded app is Zoom. Zoom is where we can see and hear those from our family, work and school.  With social distancing, and everything going on in the world, it means today more than ever our connections need … Read More