Is Ryan Reynolds Doing Live Customer Support for Mint Mobile or Nuvei?

How Live Support Can Improve Your Brand PerceptionIsn’t it nice when you can ask a question or solve your problem with a certain product or service within minutes, without going through dozens of minutes of holding the line or waiting for an answer via email “within X working days”? One could really get into this habit and, depending on the … Read More

WiFi Offloading with Gapless Aggregation: the Future is Now

Mobile Data Offloading from 4G to WiFi Done Easy Wi-Fi offloading is about to become a major issue for carriers again. Years ago carriers began to be concerned about the available spectrum, as mobile devices became more and more data intensive. Some major carriers succeeded in making inroads with Wi-Fi offloading, but most just used financial incentives to get customers … Read More

WiFi Offloading for Network Operators & MVNOs

WiFi Offloading made easy (and secure) Network Operators and MVNOs are facing a critical bandwidth issue. As markets, customers, and smartphones multiply, mobile networks are being overwhelmed with data demands. Facing soaring costs, Network Operators have been working for years to offload this increased traffic to wifi and leverage existing investments in infrastructure to no avail. But, that is all … Read More