Revenge Travel: Don’t Forget to Stay Connected and Secure

Revenge Travel – the Keyphrase for 2021 Vacations and BeyondWhat is ‘revenge travel’? The term speaks for itself: people will want to travel more and ‘compensate’ for the restrictions in place during 2020 and the first part of 2021. According to this Huff Post article, if vaccination rates continue to increase and case counts decline, many travel experts predict many … Read More

72 Remote Work Statistics & Trends You Need to Know in 2021

Remote Work in 2020 – What HappenedIn 2020, the pandemic forced many of us to work remotely. It was either that, or have a workforce that wouldn’t be able to work at all as cases grew around the world. Going into it, many companies expected challenges. What they found was a resilient workforce. Employees expected to be less productive, but … Read More

How to Run a Virtual Event: Good Connectivity Is Essential

Hosting a Virtual Event Successfully Requires Fast, Stable and Secure ConnectivityIn today’s next normal, virtual events are becoming a popular thing. These are here to stay even after the pandemic will be over. Some of the benefits of virtual events are saving time, being more cost effective and easier to make connections. When you’re running a virtual event, you need … Read More