New Apple M1 Chip MacBook Is Out. How Does Speedify Perform?

First Impression: Blown Away by the New Apple M1 Chip on ARM ArchitectureIt’s been one day since the new MacBook Air with the ARM based M1 processor chip arrived, and we are blown away. Since Apple first announced its transition from Intel’s x86-64 to its own designed chips using the ARM64 architecture, we’ve been making sure our apps will be … Read More

MacBook Pro Slow Internet – Proven Fix to Speed It Up

How To Fix Slow Internet Problems On Your MacBookMacBooks are awesome laptops used by millions of people worldwide. Now, with the new generation of MacBooks operating on the new Apple Silicon ARM based M1 processor, the market share is expected to grow. However, there is something that can slow down your shiny new or old MacBook – slow internet. Whether … Read More