Public Wi-Fi Networks are Dangerous But VPNs Make It Too Slow – What’s the Solution?

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Are you spending lazy weekend hours at a local coffee shop while browsing the internet? Or checking the cab availability at the airport? We all have used public Wi-Fi at some moment. Public Wi-Fi networks have their own charm – they’re free! Plus, they’re almost everywhere – cafes, airports, restaurants, hotels, and malls. However, are you aware of public Wi-Fi … Read More

Ultimate Guide to Public WiFi Security: Stay Safe, Fast & Stable

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Using your laptop or smartphone while commuting or on the go? You’re probably connecting to one of thousands of public WiFi hotspots available in cities around the world. Using them is trickier than it looks, as you have to seriously think about public WiFi security. As you know, while you’re connected, your smartphone syncs your social media accounts, email accounts … Read More

How to Get the Fastest Public WiFi Internet Speed Anywhere

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Nowadays when you walk down the street, you get plenty of public WiFi hotspts to choose from. If you’re like us, you don’t want your Spotify music to stop or to get buffering on YouTube or dropped calls on Skype. You need a public WiFi network that’s fast and reliable. The trouble is that some of these public WiFi hotspots … Read More

Public WiFi Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It in 2 Minutes and Get Online!

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Whether you’re a client of Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, Optimum or other Internet provider, one of the benefits is that with most of them you can benefit from a local or even national network of free public WiFi hotspots. The trouble is that some of these public WiFI hotspots are painfully slow or non-operational, actually getting you offline when you … Read More

VPN for Public WiFi: Myth or Fact? Stay Safe and Be Fast!

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Nowadays it’s almost impossible to find a spot within the city or even in the suburbs that doesn’t have a public WiFi hotspot you can connect to. Every airport, café, and library has a public WiFi network, but using them is trickier than it looks. Something as simple as checking your email could lead to you getting your identity stolen, … Read More