How to Avoid Quibi Connectivity Issues and Enjoy Streaming

prevent lagging

Seeing Quibi Issues? Make Them Dissapear with Fast and Reliable InternetSure you’ve heard the excitement around it; and now Quibi is finally here to check out. Although there are other streaming services, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Disney+,  Quibi’s niche targets specifically mobile devices.  The new kid in town has definitely made its name heard at a time so many of us are steaming … Read More

[SOLVED] Quibi Disconnecting – What Can I Do?

If Quibi Is Disconnecting, Look at Your Internet ConnectionWelcome to the family, Quibi!  Alongside Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Disney+, Quibi is here to offer us a service specifically designed for our cell phones.  Perfect timing with your home having a “No Vacancy” sign lit. iPhones and Androids can enjoy clarity many say is unfounded until now.   Ten minute or less episodes for … Read More

How to Fix Quibi Buffering on Your Smartphone

prevent lagging

What You Can Do to Avoid Quibi BufferingQuibi is here!  We’ve waited for months and the new kid in town has arrived to join Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Disney+.  Quibi, however, is made specifically for mobile devices.  Now, everyone can keep up on their favorites, especially helpful during times so many are at home sharing space whether you are an iPhone or … Read More

Enjoy Quibi Streaming with No Buffering or Disconnects

prevent lagging

Avoid Connectivity Issues when Streaming Quibi Short VideosQuibi is a new short-form mobile video platform set to launch on April 6, 2020. Unlike the already existing on-demand streaming video platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Disney+, Quibi’s content is made specifically for mobile devices. The name Quibi actually comes from “quick bites” of content – a reference to the fact that the … Read More