Six Reasons to Use a VPN on Your Tablet – It’s Not Just Privacy

Tablet VPNs Unleash the True Purpose: Watching Streaming Videos Tablets merge the gap between a laptop and a smartphone. They are very useful productivity tools you can carry around, great for both work and leisure. A tablet, just as any other device that is actively connected to the internet, is at risk. It can be hacked, especially when connected to … Read More

Five Reasons to Use a VPN on Your PC

Do I Really Need a VPN on My “Secure” PC? Yes, You Do! Here’s a situation most of you (hopefully) can resonate with: you know what a VPN is and you’re running it on all devices you use outside of your home network. You do that to keep your privacy and sensitive data safe from hackers on public WiFi hotspots. … Read More

Reasons to Use a VPN on Your Mac: Stay Safe, Get Fast Internet and Unblock Content

Why You Should Connect to a VPN on Your Mac Macs are known for being reliable and secure. They are much less prone to viruses or malware than PCs. However, even if you have a Mac computer or laptop, you are still vulnerable to cyber criminals unless you take the proper precautions. Additionally, if you use the Internet on your … Read More