How To Setup Redundant Internet Connections for Reliability

These days, more and more users want the comfort of knowing that their home or office network has rock-solid reliability and will never experience the kind of dreaded Internet downtime that ultimately costs time and money. With two or more Internet connections, and Speedify’s easy-to-use channel bonding software, anyone can enjoy the benefits of network failover and redundant Internet connectivity. … Read More

How to Reduce Latency and Ping times with Speedify

In October, one Slashdot user submitted an ‘Ask Slashdot’ post, wondering how to use a VPN, “so that the same TCP and UDP traffic goes over both links, and the fastest packet on either link ‘wins’ and the other is discarded?” At the time, there was no good solution. Thanks to Speedify’s new “Redundant Mode”, this is now possible. By … Read More

Speedify Users Love Redundant Mode

If you recently updated to the latest version of Speedify, you may have noticed the new ‘Redundant Mode’ setting on the Speedify home screen. We added this powerful feature for users that want rock-solid connectivity while using multiple flaky Internet connections. In Redundant Mode, Speedify sends all of your data over every one of your Internet connections at the same … Read More