How to Get More Reliable Starlink Internet

Cristian MiculiHow To, Improve Internet Reliability

Use Starlink Together with a Secondary Connection with SpeedifyStarlink is a great Internet option for those who live in remote areas and where the other ISPs don’t offer high speed connectivity. According to various Reddit threads, as of the end of 2022, Starlink download and upload speeds can go as high as a few hundred Mbps. Ookla reported data for … Read More

[GUIDE] No Internet Connection: How to Fix and Troubleshoot

Cristian MiculiHow To, Improve Internet Reliability

No Internet Connection? See How You Can Get Reliable Connectivity so You Don’t Get into This SituationWhether you have Wi-Fi connected but no Internet or you’re wired through Ethernet to your home router, having no Internet connection is something you have to fix. Moreover, you should never get into this situation, especially if you’re working from home, live streaming or … Read More

Improving Starlink Internet Reliability – What Users Do

Cristian MiculiHow To, Improve Internet Reliability

The Problem with Starlink Internet: Reliability Is “Better Than Nothing”So you’re using (or thinking of getting) Starlink Internet – congratulations, you’re one of the pioneers of the new age of satellite Internet. With up to 333 Mbps download speed, 38 Mbps upload and 27 ms latency (source), Starlink Internet is definitely much better than what you can get now in … Read More

[Travel Tip] How to Get Fast & Stable Internet Speed in Malawi

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Fix Slow Malawi Internet Speed According to Speedtest, Malawi ranks 152th out of 177 countries for internet broadband speeds. The Internet speed in Malawi averages at 8.82 Mbps. Those numbers however are on the high end, as typical Malawian average speeds actually got lower over the past couple of years. Most people in the country continue to experience extremely slow … Read More

Live Broadcast Equipment Must-Have: High Bandwidth Reliable Internet

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What Live Broadcast Equipment Do I Need? YouTube changed the way we use the Internet when it launched more than 13 years ago. It launched the video revolution. Suddenly, the Internet was the best place to see new and innovative video content. Today, video is more important than ever. But, the biggest trend is live video content. Everyone from content … Read More