Will Brexit Block Online Content? See the Impact, Get the Fix

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Brexit – What it Means for Online Content Access While Brexit has been in the news for quite some time, the real event might take a few more months. And once it happens, the effects can be seen not just in real life but in online content as well. For example, if you’re traveling from the UK to Europe, it’s … Read More

Get SoundCloud Unblocked at School or Work: Use a VPN!

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Listen to Music Wherever You Want. Bypass SoundCloud Restrictions.SoundCloud is one of the most popular platforms for distribution and music sharing – a modern alternative to Myspace. It connects music aficionados from all over the world into uploading, promoting and sharing audio. Its history has a professional DNA – it was originally intended as a collaboration tool for musicians, but later … Read More

How to Get Minecraft Unblocked at School or Work

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Avoid Minecraft Network Restrictions. Unblock Mincraft with a VPNIs Minecraft restricted at your school, college or work place? Does your company policy restrict the use of Minecraft? Many offices and schools limit access to this revolutionary game. And that’s why you are reading this article. Soon after it launched back in 2011, Minecraft became one of the most popular games. According to Statista, there … Read More

Complete Guide on How to Use a VPN When Traveling

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Why you Need a VPN when Traveling Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, you’ll need to stay connected to the internet. Problem is, when you travel to another country, you might face some content blocks. The websites you were able to open back home might not open in the destination country. For example, if you’re traveling to India, … Read More

Region Restricted YouTube Videos – How to Access Easily

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How to Bypass YouTube Videos With Region Restrictions Situation: you stumble across an interesting YouTube video. And you click the link to get a message that the video is not available in your country. Why is that? YouTube uses regional filters to restrict certain videos from being played in certain countries. This can have multiple causes, including: the author restricts … Read More

VPN and Net Neutrality: Can a VPN Get Past ISP Throttling and Restrictions?

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Does the End of Net Neutrality Mean You Need a VPN? Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication. Unfortunately in the recent years, things have proven not to be … Read More