It’s December: Enjoy the Holiday Light Shows

We’re Live Streaming IRL from the Miracle on South 13th Street in PhillyDecember is the month of holidays, regardless of your faith or beliefs. Everybody is getting into the holiday spirit – clothes, houses, streets, etc. One thing that has been gaining a lot of popularity during the last years is working with your community to get your street or … Read More

Delicious Interactive Live Streaming: Mukbang (Eating Show)

How to Earn Money by Eating in Front of the CameraDining has always been inherently social. We, as humans, have a natural desire to share a meal with good company. For people who are working and don’t have someone to sit down with for lunch or dinner, watching a mukbang is something that can fill that void. At these eating … Read More

[VIDEO] How to Run Successful Drag Shows Online

Live Drag Show Entertainment Venues Have Gone OnlineThe Covid-19 pandemic’s effects on the events industry are indisputable. The venues where people used to gather to have fun are now waiting for better times. In the meantime, most of the entertainment has gone online, and this also includes drag shows. We recently sat down and discussed with George Nichlos a.k.a. drag … Read More

Virtual Awards Ceremony Done Right – Plan for Reliable Internet Connectivity

Fast and Reliable Internet = Key Element to Hosting Virtual AwardsI think it’s safe to say that at least some virtual award ceremonies are here to stay. After some being cancelled back in 2020 due to the pandemic, they came back in 2021 as full or partial virtual events: Golden Globe Awads Grammy Awards Academy Awards (Oscars) And when this … Read More

Queer Eye Features Connectify Personal Trainer

Nate from BodyRock Bootcamp Gym Hits the Screens on June 5, 2020On June 5th, 2020 the newest season of the Netflix hit reboot Queer Eye is dropping, featuring Connectify’s very own personal trainer: Nate of BodyRock Bootcamp Gym! We are more than excited to see The Fab Five work their magic right here in Philadelphia (the birthplace of Connectify) and help to elevate … Read More