How Do I Get a VPN – Be Protected Online in 2 Minutes or Less

VPN Use Cases and How to Get One “How do I get a VPN?” – this is the question people ask themselves once they realize they need to: stay anonymous online and protect their privacy unblock restricted content in certain regions or on certain networks be protected against hackers on public WiFi networks As you can see in this VPN … Read More

What’s the Deal with VPNs and Why Use VPN on Android?

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Group Travel Tip: Combine Coverage from 2 Smartphones into One

Merge Two Mobile Data Connections from Two Smartphones for One Fast, Stable and Secure InternetWhenever you’re traveling, you get unstable and flaky Internet. This is normal, as your device roams between different cellular towers with different transmit power. As your train or bus WiFi relies on mobile data coverage as well, you might find their onboard WiFi unreliable. Different network carriers may have different coverage … Read More

Why Is Instagram so Slow? Check Your Internet Connection

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How to Combine Tethered Android and iPhone at Once on a Mac

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How to Choose the Best VPN App for Android

Fast, Stable and Trustworthy VPN for Android – Where to Find Most of us spend many hours during the day (and night) connected to the Internet through our smartphone. This ubiquitous connectivity has some downfalls as well: there are people, companies, and organizations that want to see what you are doing on the Internet. Some may need this to create advertising profiles … Read More