Get Continuous Connectivity on Your Smartphone

Cristian Miculi How To, Improve Internet Reliability

The best thing about having a smartphone is having a continuous Internet connection. Except, most of the time the connection isn’t continuous. Continuous connectivity for most people is a dream, but not a reality. Their cell signal fluctuates between full bars and one bar. Their phone holds onto a WiFi connection long after it is out of range and takes … Read More

Making Better Bets with Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Alex Gizis Better Internet Anywhere, Blog

Fantasy Sports apps like Yahoo Fantasy Sports are becoming extremely popular. With the large number of users growing exponentially every day, it seems like everyone is getting into Yahoo Fantasy Sports hoping to make a fortune by wagering on their favorite sporting events and players. Usually, fantasy sports requires users to commit season-long, but with Yahoo Fantasy Sports and other … Read More

Slow Facebook Mobile Uploads? Here’s the Solution…

Alex Gizis Blog, Fix Slow Internet

One of the best things about Facebook, is the ability to share videos, images, and other content on-the-go. When you’re traveling, it’s great to be able to snap a photo and instantly share it to your Facebook page for friends and family to see. But spotty mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity can present a big problem for users that want … Read More

Tired of Turning Off Wi-Fi? Here’s the Solution…

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Your phone is broken. In fact, most iOS and Android devices are when it comes to handling Internet connections properly. We’ve all been there: you’re on a slow and unreliable Wi-Fi network but your phone doesn’t “know” it. Podcasts and music stop streaming and you haven’t even got enough bandwidth for general web browsing. The problem is, smartphones treat all … Read More