3G / 4G Bonding Done By Software Only, No Hardware!

Cristian Miculi Blog, Combining Internet Connections

When you have a remote operation you often have to depend on cellular networks for Internet access. But, one cellular connection alone usually doesn’t deliver enough bandwidth. The only solution is to bond multiple 3G/4G LTE connections together into a single pipe. That used to mean buying expensive equipment and paying for an IT service to get everything setup just … Read More

Hybrid Access Broadband Networking Solutions – Speedify SDK

Scott Ackerman Blog, Enterprise Internet Bonding Software

As markets, customers, and smartphones continue to multiply, Network Operators and MVNOs are facing critical bandwidth issues. In the face of soaring costs and overloaded cellular networks, Carriers have been working for years to develop hybrid access technologies to offload this increased traffic to broadband or DSL and leverage existing investments in infrastructure to no avail. But, that is all … Read More

What is Mobile Data Offloading?

Scott Ackerman Blog, Enterprise Internet Bonding Software

Mobile data offloading (also known as Wi-Fi offloading) is the routing of data away from cellular networks to cheaper and occasionally faster Wi-Fi networks. Carriers and MVNOs have known about a looming crisis for years. As mobile devices have become more powerful and sophisticated they have also become more popular resulting in overwhelming demand for higher bandwidth. It is imperative … Read More

3G, 4G, and LTE Offloading Solutions – Speedify SDK

Scott Ackerman Blog, Enterprise Internet Bonding Software

Every day the demand for high bandwidth applications and services increases, putting more stress on an already oversaturated cellular signal infrastructure. LTE offloading has the potential to improve the overall consumer experience, while also sharply reducing costs for network operators and MVNOs. However, before widespread LTE offloading can become a reality, carriers need an easy and convenient way to get … Read More

The Advantages of a Software Only Solution for Bonding Streaming Video

Scott Ackerman Blog, Combining Internet Connections

It’s no secret that if you’re streaming live video on a professional scale, you need to bond multiple internet connections to make sure you have the bandwidth and reliability to deliver a premium experience. But, did you know that there was a powerful software-only solution to your problem? Speedify for Teams offers innovative channel bonding services for your entire organization … Read More

Software Alternative to Peplink and Mushroom Networks for VPN and Network Bonding

Scott Ackerman Blog, Combining Internet Connections

If the internet is the lifeblood of your business or project, having a single web connection just isn’t enough. Many organizations assume that their only option is to get a channel bonding router. But, this hardware fix may not be the best solution to your problem. While companies like Peplink and Mushroom Networks are able to get you high-quality hardware, … Read More