What is Mobile Data Offloading?

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Mobile data offloading frees up bandwidth by moving traffic to Wi-Fi networks Mobile data offloading (also known as Wi-Fi offloading) is the routing of data away from cellular networks to cheaper and occasionally faster Wi-Fi networks.Why is Mobile data offloading such a big deal? Carriers and MVNOs have known about a looming crisis for years. As mobile devices have become … Read More

3G, 4G, and LTE Offloading Solutions from Speedify

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Mobile Data Offloading from LTE, 3G, and 4G to Wi-Fi Every day the demand for high bandwidth applications and services increases, putting more stress on an already oversaturated cellular signal infrastructure. LTE offloading has the potential to improve the overall consumer experience, while also sharply reducing costs for network operators and MVNOs. However, before widespread LTE offloading can become a … Read More

The Advantages of a Software Only Solution for Bonding Streaming Video

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Combine Multiple Internet Connections with Software to Stream Broadcast Quality Live Video It’s no secret that if you’re streaming live video on a professional scale, you need to bond multiple internet connections to make sure you have the bandwidth and reliability to deliver a premium experience. But, did you know that there was a powerful software-only solution to your problem? … Read More

Software Alternative to Peplink and Mushroom Networks for VPN and Network Bonding

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Connection bonding software as an alternative to hardware routers from Peplink and Mushroom Networks If the internet is the lifeblood of your business or project, having a single web connection just isn’t enough. Many organizations assume that their only option is to get a channel bonding router. But, this hardware fix may not be the best solution to your problem. … Read More

The Best Apps For Faster & More Reliable Mobile Internet

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While we increasingly rely on smartphones and tablets in every moment of our daily lives, slow Wi-Fi and mobile Internet dead zones are more than a minor annoyance, they can spell frequent interruptions and lost productivity. At the same time, carriers impose restrictive data caps that make enjoying streaming movies and music impossible without worrying about overage charges. Of course, … Read More

Comparing Channel Bonding Solutions

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Unless you’re an IT professional, you may not be familiar with the term channel bonding. In a nutshell, a traditional channel bonding router is a hardware router that can connect to multiple wired Internet connections at once, and leverage their combined bandwidth for a faster and more reliable experience. The trouble is, channel bonding routers are made with networking pros in … Read More