How to Fix Slow Internet Speed in Lebanon and Be Faster

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Internet Speed in Lebanon Is SlowAccording to Speedtest, Lebanon ranks 169th out of 177 countries for internet broadband speeds. The Internet speed in Lebanon is 6.67 Mbps down and 5.61 Mbps up. And those numbers are on the high end; people living or traveling to Lebanon continue to experience extremely slow connections of 1 Mbps. If you live in Lebanon or … Read More

How to Get Fast Internet Speed in Venezuela and Unblock Content

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Fix Slow Internet Speed in Venezuela Venezuela has earned the title of the country with the slowest internet speed in Latin America. According to Speedtest’s Global Index, Venezuela ranks 174th out of 177 countries for internet broadband speeds. The average internet speeds in Venezuela are 3.91 Mbps for download and 1.56 Mbps for upload. If you live in Venezuela or … Read More

Throttling Schmottling – Use Speedify to Beat Those Speed Bumps

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What Is Throttling? Why You Need to Learn How to Beat Throttling You might have noticed that your internet speeds go down when you use some particular service or visit a specific website. For example, when you stream videos on Twitch or YouTube, you mostly get reduced speeds. This is because your ISP throttles or chokes your bandwidth for certain … Read More

How to Stop ISP Throttling and Enjoy Fast Internet Anywhere

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What Is ISP Throttling? How Can I Know When I’m Experiencing It? You may have noticed that no matter how good your internet package is, sometimes it’s just slow. This can be a result of network congestion, which is a slowdown you are most likely to experience in the evening. That’s when everyone is back from work and online, when … Read More

Internet Speed in Libya – Why It’s Slow and How to Fix It

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The Problem of Slow Internet in Libya According to Speedtest, Libya ranks 161 out of 179 countries for internet broadband speeds. The fastest internet in Libya offers speeds of 8.64 Mbps down and 6.25 Mbps up. If you live in Libya or are planning to travel there, you might get annoyed by these speeds. Almost 9 Mbps can be a … Read More

The Fastest Internet in Egypt is Too Slow But You Can Fix It

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Slow Internet in Egypt Kills the Internet Experience According to Speedtest, Egypt ranks 100 out of 138 countries for mobile internet speeds, with an average of around 20 Mbps for download and 9 Mbps for upload. When it comes to fixed broadband, they are #91 globally, with 34 Mbps download / 7 Mbps upload on average. As you can imagine, … Read More