New Apple M1 Chip MacBook Is Out. How Does Speedify Perform?

First Impression: Blown Away by the New Apple M1 Chip on ARM ArchitectureIt’s been one day since the new MacBook Air with the ARM based M1 processor chip arrived, and we are blown away. Since Apple first announced its transition from Intel’s x86-64 to its own designed chips using the ARM64 architecture, we’ve been making sure our apps will be … Read More

How to Shield Yourself on Public Hotspots

Open WIFI Hotspot are Dangerous!Public and Open WIFI Hotspot connections are the thing of today where you can get connected to the internet anywhere. From airports, coffee shops, restaurants, and basically all establishments have one. However, since it’s a free-to-access internet connection then there can be some security risk that you may want to consider before connecting to it. When … Read More

What People Are Saying About Speedify – Reviews, How It Helps – Episode 5

Getting Fast and Stable Internet – Does Speedify Really Help?This has been an interesting year so far, with the pandemic changing the way we work, learn and use the Internet. Home and remote Internet consumption is at its highest. Remote productivity is the driver and differentiator in this next normal we’re seeing – and those who can’t keep up will … Read More

Slow Bonding Speeds with Speedify? See Causes and Solutions

How to Get Fast Bonding Speeds when Combining Connections with SpeedifyWhen you’re using Speedify bonding VPN on your computer or mobile device, you should be getting fast, stable and secure Internet connectivity. Channel bonding technology allows you to combine multiple connections at once directly on your device. However, sometimes the combined speed you’re getting when using Speedify is slower than … Read More

Speedify 10: the VPN that Allows You to Use All Your Internet Connections at Once

Meet the all-new SpeedifySince the outbreak of this pandemic, we have made countless enhancements to Speedify to follow our goal of providing a better Internet for everyone. At its core, Speedify is a VPN – providing increased security and privacy through industry leading encryption. But that is where the similarities with traditional VPNs end. With Speedify 10, our proprietary protocol has been … Read More

How to Install Speedify Channel Bonding VPN on a Raspberry Pi 4

What Do You Call Speedify Running on a Raspberry Pi? SpeedyPi! The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer device used for many interesting projects. It’s a small board that get you big results if used properly. Raspberry Pi runs on a Debian based Linux distro called Raspberry Pi OS. The Pi was originally intended to be a microcomputer to teach children … Read More