Supporting UFD’s Cannonball for the Cure 2022

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Target Amount to Donate for Research: $250,000This year, Speedify is proud to support UFD’s Cannonball for the Cure 2022. The goal is to surpass last year’s $150,000 in donations and to fund the next phase of SRF’s drug discovery research with Rarebase, PBC. It’s possible that already approved FDA drugs exist which can help address the devastating effects of SYNGAP1, … Read More

How to IRL Live Stream with OBS on YouTube

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Complete Guide to Live Streaming IRL to YouTube using OBSIRL streaming to YouTube can be done easily directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone. But if you want more options for your stream or if you want to live stream IRL on multiple social platforms including YouTube, OBS is a great choice for you. The power behind OBS stands in … Read More

Best Church Live Stream Software for Reliable Internet

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What Software Do Churches Use to Live Stream?Churches and houses of worship in general have historically been places where people would come together to pray and engage in each religion’s rituals. But the 2020 pandemic has accelerated the adoption rate of live streaming and online technology solutions to churches. Live streaming church services have opened the potential for sharing masses, … Read More

The Easiest Way to Fix OBS Dropped Frames for your Live Streams

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The Common Causes for OBS Dropped FramesWhen you’re having OBS live streaming dropped frames, this can be because of several factors. Just to mention a few: OBS Studio configuration issues PC or Mac not meeting the minimum or recommended hardware requirements Internet connection issues Live streamers who use Open Broadcaster Software or OBS most often see the dropping frames while streaming … Read More

How to Fix: Zoom Not Working – Check Internet Connectivity

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Zoom is One of the Biggest Communication Platform of 2020!As people stayed at home from the first quarter of 2020, Zoom usage skyrocketed! Zoom usage shot up in March 2020 seeing 200 million daily meeting participants. The following month, this figure had risen to 300 million. Whether you’re using Zoom for work, education, or hanging out with friends or families, it’s one … Read More

How to IRL Stream on YouTube with No Streamergencies

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YouTube Dominates the Streaming WorldYouTube streaming has come a long way. We all remember the first-ever video posted on YouTube in 2005, named Me at the zoo. Now, over 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day. A constantly growing part of that is IRL or ‘In Real Life’ live streaming, producing new content every minute. IRL … Read More