How Speedify Just Makes Your Internet Better

Here at the Speedify Blog, we sometimes like to highlight a particularly cool or unique Speedify use-case that we hear about via email or social media. Awhile back, we received an excited tweet from a user that was able to get broadband speeds at a rural job-site thanks to Speedify. More recently, we were contacted by a customer who uses … Read More

Are you Streaming in HD on YouTube?

We’ve all experienced it: you’re streaming a movie online and the picture quality dwindles down from HD into a grainy mess, before ramping back up to a high-quality stream again. Turns out, Youtube automatically adjusts their video quality to the speed of your Internet connection. This is good because it can keep your video streaming even if your Internet becomes … Read More

How to Stream the World Cup Anywhere

The World Cup is in full swing, and thankfully real time streaming access is high-quality and plentiful. No matter where you are, with Speedify you can combine all your available Internet connections so you can watch all 22 players on the pitch in pixel perfect HD resolution. Say that 10 times fast! In the US, all the games are available … Read More

How to Stream HD Video without Buffering

Ultra HD TVs are already on store shelves, and content is starting to roll out for this next-generation in screen resolution. Already this year, Netflix launched a new season of its popular ‘House of Cards’ series as its first foray into 4K content, and the film industry has officially adopted the standard, too. The trouble is, streaming 4K video content … Read More