Combine Internet Connections on iPhone – Is It Worth It?

Combine Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Simultaneously Instead of Switching Between ThemTired of slow or unreliable Internet? Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use the mobile data connection on your iPhone AND a Wi-Fi connection at the same time? It’s easy to combine Internet connections on iPhone with Speedify. We’re not talking about switching between connections – Wi-Fi, Ethernet, cellular dongle, … Read More

How to Get Intelligent Smart Network Switch Between WiFi and Cellular

Upgrade Smart Network Switch with Intelligent Cost-Aware Capabilities Samsung were the first to launch Smart Network Switch (also known on Android 8 devices as Adaptive Wi-Fi), which basically switches from WiFi to cellular data and back in order to prevent your Internet connection from disconnecting. The trouble is that this feature isn’t very smart and it uses too much data, according to … Read More