Using Speedify – The Best Success Stories

What Speedify Is Mostly Used ForSpeedify is the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection for more stable and secure live streaming, video calling, and web browsing. This means that instead of just switching between connections, like any device does, with Speedify you will actually be using all connections at the same time. The main benefits you get … Read More

[VIDEO] Essential Equipment for Live Streaming Events Businesses

Live Streaming Events Businesses – the Future of the Events IndustryLive streaming events are here to stay. They will not disappear if and after things get back to the 2019 normal. They are an effective way to get things done from the comfort of each one’s home. And even those events that require in-person attendance – weddings, proms, etc. – … Read More

[VIDEO] How to Run Successful Drag Shows Online

Live Drag Show Entertainment Venues Have Gone OnlineThe Covid-19 pandemic’s effects on the events industry are indisputable. The venues where people used to gather to have fun are now waiting for better times. In the meantime, most of the entertainment has gone online, and this also includes drag shows. We recently sat down and discussed with George Nichlos a.k.a. drag … Read More

[VIDEO] How to Live Stream Beer Tasting – Road to Success

From Engineering to Beer Tasting – Doug Piper, Founder and Host, Gourmet BrewingSince the Covid-19 pandemic began, we’ve all seen Speedify being used successfully by remote workers, for distance learning and for broadcasting events. And speaking of events – remember those beer tasting classes / contests?  We had one of our own here at Speedify as a teambuilding activity, joining … Read More

What People Are Saying About Speedify – Reviews, Episode 4

Speedify – Is It Really Good for Getting More Stable Internet? These last 3 months from the previous reviews wrap-up episode have seen a great increase in public customer feedback for Speedify. This was sent over social media – Twitter, Facebook and Reddit mostly. Speedify also got new reviews from top authority websites. Let’s take a look at some of those … Read More

What People Are Saying About Us: Speedify Reviews and Awards – Episode 3

Will Speedify Make My Internet Faster, More Stable and Secure? Judging by the reviews we got in the last few months – yes, Speedify can make your Internet better. In mid September we also launched the new version of Speedify 7, which comes along with great improvements on the functionality side. So, we expect the positive reviews to multiply in … Read More