Is Starlink Worth It? Here’s Real World Testing Data

In This ArticleHow We Test StarlinkStarlink Internet Test ResultsSolution to Improve Starlink Internet ReliabilityStarlink Satellite Internet Is Fast, but Needs Seamless Failover to Improve ReliabilityA couple of months ago we got our own Starlink for RV. We all became obsessed with Starlink here at Speedify – putting it to the toughest real world tests for connectivity and live streaming. We’re … Read More

Zoom Meeting Testing: Improve Connectivity for Better Video

We’re Putting Speedify Streaming Mode to the Test. Will It Eliminate Zoom Dropped Calls? Ah – Zoom! The wonderful communication tool that enables you to keep close to your loved ones, coworkers and business partners. As long as you have stable and fast connectivity, that is. If not, you need some Zoom meeting tricks up your sleeve. The Internet is … Read More

Testing Speedify: How We Make Sure It’s Always Connected and Fast

The VPN That Doesn’t Disconnect When the Internet Connection Drops If you’re using a VPN service, you’ve probably seen it disconnect when the Internet connection drops. That would be fine, except that when the Internet is restored, most VPNs remain inactive, leaving your private information exposed. Speedify is a next generation fast mobile VPN that uses channel bonding technology to … Read More