Facebook: Please Check Your Internet Connection [SOLVED]

Vojislav Hlad Fix Internet Disconnects, How To

Did the current situation with Covid-19 and issues with Facebook lead you to this article? Is Facebook telling you to “Check Your Internet Connection” while you are trying to stay in touch with friends and family? Your connection issues can be easily fixed, you are in the right place. Facebook helps us stay connected to family and friends and even with … Read More

FIX: Slack is Not Automatically Loading New Messages

Vojislav Hlad Fix Internet Disconnects, How To

Chat apps like Slack have become our office boardroom, break room and water cooler. It’s where we stay in touch with colleagues and even family and friends around the world at this time of social distancing. Slack is on our laptops and our iOS or Android devices so we can keep in touch at all times. It’s yesterday’s chat room, … Read More

Get A Sneak Peek at Speedify Mobile

Alex Gizis Fix Internet Disconnects, News

It’s only been a week since we officially announced that Speedify for Mobile would be coming later this year, and already over twenty thousand of you have signed up for our exclusive Beta Waitlist. We’re thrilled that you guys share our vision to make your phone just work better by combining Wi-Fi and 4G for fast, unbreakable connectivity. You’ve even … Read More