Alternative to LiveU for Live Broadcast Online Streaming

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Cost Effective Alternative to LiveUThe LiveU series of live video transmission and video streaming solutions are very popular within the live streaming industry. Whether we’re talking about video professionals, event companies or media outlets, LiveU is almost always on the comparison matrix when choosing such a service, along with Teradek, Peplink, Mushroom Networks, etc. If you have the money and … Read More

3 Steps on How to Improve Laptop WiFi Connection

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Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!Is your laptop WiFi connection not working properly? Is it cutting out, or is the signal strength too low? You’re not alone. Many people experience these issues on their laptops. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get faster, more reliable Internet connectivity! In this blog post, we will discuss how to … Read More

Revenge Travel: Don’t Forget to Stay Connected and Secure

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Revenge Travel – the Keyphrase for 2021 Vacations and BeyondWhat is ‘revenge travel’? The term speaks for itself: people will want to travel more and ‘compensate’ for the restrictions in place during 2020 and the first part of 2021. According to this Huff Post article, if vaccination rates continue to increase and case counts decline, many travel experts predict many … Read More

How to Fix Crypto Mining Pool Internet Disconnects

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What to Do When Internet Disconnects Frequently While MiningAre you mining for cryptocurrency by yourself or are you part of a mining pool? Then you should definitely make sure your computer or mining rig uses a stable Internet connection. After all, your purpose is to get the rewards, don’t you? This article explains what happens if you lose Internet connectivity … Read More

How to Connect to McDonald’s Free WiFi While Improving your Online Security and Internet Stability

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Always Keep Your Guards Up Especially When You’re Using a Public Internet ConnectionOver 25 million have been served daily by McDonalds. Now figure how many have taken advantage of the Free Wi-Fi they offer. People use to to be in touch with work or school or their personal social media accounts while there. McDonald’s offers this MickD, Mikey Dee’s, no … Read More

How to Solve Starbucks WiFi Landing Page Not Loading Issues Easily

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Sometimes, Public Wi-Fi Connection is Not Always the BestPicture it, it was 2010 and just announced that Starbucks would offer free Wi-Fi to all US Stores. You remember this, wasn’t that just yesterday? Fast forward, we are moving onto another decade and Starbucks Wi-Fi is still a pivotal part of most of our days, not just giving us a great … Read More