Remote Work Greece: Essential App for Solid Internet

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Greece Has Opened Up for Remote Work – All You Need Is Fast and Reliable InternetGreece has the longest coastline in Europe.  The mainland has mountains, forests and lakes.  When we think of Greece it’s those thousands of islands that we think of, the traditional houses and dishes, along with some footage from Mamma Mia.  With the pandemic, hybrid work … Read More

Remote Work in Austin with Reliable Internet for Productivity

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Remote Work Austin – Programs and LogisticsThe 2020 pandemic has opened the door for hybrid work models and made remote work popular. Many people headed for the Music Capital of the USA, otherwise known as Austin, Texas. The city may not have had live concerts during this time, but the artists made it through with online events through the pandemic. … Read More

Essential Connectivity Tool to Do Remote Work in Maine

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Remote Working in Maine – LogisticsThe 2020 pandemic has opened the door for hybrid work models and made remote work popular. Many people headed for the remote countryside, Maine, Bath, Brunswick, etc.  These are all growing and growing in population! Just imagine the scenery, right outside your windows and 4 wonderful seasons to enjoy.  Maine gives its residents beautiful lakes, … Read More

72 Remote Work Statistics & Trends You Need to Know in 2021

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Remote Work in 2020 – What HappenedIn 2020, the pandemic forced many of us to work remotely. It was either that, or have a workforce that wouldn’t be able to work at all as cases grew around the world. Going into it, many companies expected challenges. What they found was a resilient workforce. Employees expected to be less productive, but … Read More

Remote Work Tools – How to Choose the Best for You

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Tools You Need in 2020When you work from home, the tools you use can make or break your productivity. In this post, we will break down all the best remote work tools to consider for the tasks you need to do. In the Next Normal, staying connected is essential. But it isn’t enough by … Read More

How To: Improve Skype Quality for Remote Work

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Skype is a Work From Home EssentialWorking from home is a challenge. Some of us may have issues with staying organized, managing our time, maintaining focus, collaborating, and most of all, communicating. One of the most helpful tool you can use on a work from home setup is Skype. It can allow you to chat with your colleagues, do a … Read More