Make Your Streaming Holidays Happy with Speedify. Love, Santa!

Avoid Holiday Grinches like Buffering and DisconnectingIt’s Holidays time and everybody will be doing some sort of streaming, whether it’s: calling their loved ones on Zoom, Google Meet, etc. binge watching your favorite movies and TV series live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, etc. Make these holidays truly happy by getting the best streaming and avoiding any streamergency such as low … Read More

Increasing Santa’s North Pole Workshop Productivity the Smart Way

How Santa and the Head Elf Communicate EfficientlyYou might think Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole is a quaint place where elves work from 9 to 5 all year round to get the gifts for all children ready. And you’d be partially right. The main difference is that nowadays, with the world population increasing, the Workshop has to be more … Read More