Speedify Mobile

Enjoy faster and more reliable Internet by combining Wi-Fi and Cellular connections

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Speedify Mobile

Enjoy faster and more reliable Internet by combining the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data connections on your smartphone

This is How Your Phone Should Work

Speedify lets you use both the Wi-Fi and Cellular connections on your iOS or Android device simultaneously to deliver blazing fast speeds and unbreakable connectivity.

More Reliable

When Wi-Fi becomes slow and unreliable, Speedify moves video streaming, web browsing, and all of your apps onto mobile data seamlessly.

Go Faster

Combine your device’s Cellular connection with the coffee shop Wi-Fi for up to 95% of their combined throughput. Enjoy faster HD streaming, uploads, downloads, and web browsing.

Save on Mobile Data

Speedify uses Wi-Fi as long as it’s available and gracefully moves you to mobile data when necessary to minimize cost and maximize enjoyment.

Better Internet in the palm of your hand

Based on the same tested Speedify desktop technology, Speedify for Android & iOS offers “set it and forget it” controls that just work. Apps and services run as they normally would, but benefit from an exceptionally fast and reliable connection. Speedify makes easy work of very complex under-the-hood technology. For you, this means cellular and Wi-Fi work together to create unbreakable, fast connectivity as you go about your day.

Failover Diagram

When good Wi-Fi goes bad

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs we’ve all experienced it…

The Driveway Problem

You’re stepping out the door or into the car and just as you’re trying to pull up directions to your destination or queue up your favorite playlist on Spotify you reach the edge of your home’s wireless network – the dead zone where your phone stays connected to Wi-Fi but has no service.

In the past, your only options were to either wait until your phone finally figures out it’s not really connected anymore or to go into settings and turn of Wi-Fi entirely – a risky move if you have limited data from your carrier and forget to turn it back on later!

Enter Speedify

Speedify uses both your Wi-Fi and cellular connections at the same time, so if one of them (in this case Wi-Fi) disappears or disconnects Speedify will instantly and seamlessly shift your web traffic to the other without missing a step (or skipping a beat).

Better yet, when you’re back in range of a (working) Wi-Fi network Speedify will automatically move your traffic back – preventing minor connection problems from creating major headaches.

The bottom line

With Speedify you’ll enjoy a faster and more consistent Internet experience as you go about your day.

Easily monitor performance and data usage

Beautiful real time graphs track the speeds of your connections and keep tabs on your data usage.

Usage Graphs in Speedify
Connection Settings in Speedify

Control how and when your connections are used

Set the Priority of your connections to maximize performance or save mobile data. With one click you can set Speedify to only use your 4G LTE network when Wi-Fi becomes congested or unavailable.

You can also set data limits on your connections to prevent costly overage fees from your mobile provider.

Teleport your traffic around the globe

Manually select your desired location or let Speedify automatically connect you to the best server based on latency and availability. Once connected, the Speed Server intelligently handles traffic to and from your Internet connections to deliver faster speeds. View our Speed Server Locations

Server Selection in Speedify

Additional Features

Redundant Mode

Have a jittery, lossy, or unreliable Internet connection? In Redundant Mode, Speedify can double the throughput of even a single connection when packets are being dropped, and significantly reduce latency when using multiple connections.

Packet Loss & Error Correction

Speedify uses a variety of techniques like Forward Error Correction to fix lost and corrupted packets before they have a chance to slow down your Internet experience.

  • Bond Wi-Fi and cellular networks at the click-of-a-button
  • Free 1GB of data every month
  • Enjoy faster streaming, uploads/downloads, and web browsing
  • Seamless hand-off between Wi-Fi and mobile data
  • Access to our global network of Speed Servers on 5 continents

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